Raised Bed Gardening In A Kiddie Pool

By Amber | Posted in: Raised Bed Gardening

Published: February 7, 2013

I have an abundance of kiddie pools.  When I first moved into my house, I found an abandoned pool hidden behind the shed.   Out of sight, out of mind.  Next thing I know, it multiplied into three kiddie pools.  One is missing a plug, one is cracked and one is perfectly fine.  Funny, I don’t remember buying any.  I’m not really sure how they got there, but now I have a use for them….raised bed gardens!

Kiddie pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  They can be used for gardening on porches, decks, driveways, balconies, rooftops, sidewalks and my favorite….on a picnic table!  (Ta-da! An easy way to make a no-build high raised bed!)

Here’s how to do it!

  • Take your pool and drill drainage holes around sides (about 2 inches from the bottom of the pool).  Drill your holes about a foot apart.
  • Place your pool in the desired location.
  • Fill it about 2 inches deep with mulch or peat moss.
  • Fill it the rest of the way with your soil or compost.
  • Plant your garden and enjoy!

Click here to see some pictures with instructions.





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8 Responses to “Raised Bed Gardening In A Kiddie Pool”

  1. c says:

    wow! such a great idea, especially for those who have small yards!! thanks!

  2. pj says:

    I am Type 1 woman, But I have seen some of those pools laying around and 2×8 or 2x 10 lumber is pretty costly,especially if you build 2 payers high for some of the Beds. The pools sound better than reverting to tires. lol

    I also came from Mike.

  3. Dana harness says:

    THANK YOU for the good info look forward to posting some and there a lot of good reading here and tips

  4. Lorrie says:

    You still need to factor in that the plastic will eventually breakdown and crack and then you’ll have a pile of dirt with plastic about one foot down. Cedar my be expensive but it will outlast the pool plastic.

  5. donna says:

    It really sounds good but as soon as the kids spot it they will be into it digging because “that is my pool gram” Why is there dirt in it? You told me not to put dirt in it because because it will be all muddy. How come you did? Oh well.

  6. EDNA GLUCK says:

    Nothing is eternal except a child’s delight. Thanks for the recipe, instructions and pictures of what to expect. I see strawberries and ice cream.

  7. Verna says:

    Thank you Amber for this great idea! I am disabled and used to grow many a garden but since my accident I deal with so much pain that doing what I love most went by the wayside. I still continued to grow a tomato plant in a container on the back deck (because there is nothing better than a homegrown tomato! mmm) but every year I sit outside dreaming of putting in a garden (unfortunately I am also type 3!! but not by my own choice! If I was without pain I would be Type 1!! but alas that is not to be :*)) So anyway, with this great pool garden idea, If I can talk my grand kids into helping me set it up..which I am sure they will oblige, they are young enough that it will be exciting to them! I think I just may get a few things a growin! And thank you for the link to Christy’s showing her pictures of the pool gardens she set up, just seeing them makes me feel like it is possible for me to do! Thanks Amber you rock! :*)

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